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Our solution for VoIP operators, the SmartGate carrier-class softswitch, will transform your VOIP network into well adjusted machine for earning money.






West Telecom Corporation has experience of building the wide range of internet telephony solutions. This list includes the following use cases:

  • Establishment of communication among the several offices of the company located far away from each other.
  • Building the corporate PBX using IP telephony technologies.
  • Connecting new remote office to existing corporate communication infrastructure using internet technologies.
  • Building the solution for service provider who provides Internet telephony to final subscribers.
  • Establishment of interconnection between corporate subscribers and IP telephony's operator networks.
  • Building of backbone / central host for large IP telephony operator.

West Telecom solutions provide full set of functionality, including traffic control, monitoring, billing, authorization, e.t.c. At the same time, interaction between solution components is carried out with maximal use of the open protocols. This strategy provides an opportunity of easy integration with existing infrastructure.