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Demonstration version SGpbx: questions and answers.

Question: What does demo-vession of SGpbx differ from full-function by?

The answer:

  • By the restriction of a maximum quantity of calls up to 5 simultaneous calls. In the full-function version there can be 1000 and more simultaneous calls (it depends on characteristics of a server on which SGpbx will be established).
  • By the absence of conducting of the account information.
  • By the absence of an opportunity to write down the text of greeting IVR: the subscriber who has phoned on IVR, will hear long hooter.
  • By the absence of an opportunity to change a melody, playing at the statement of a call on deduction.
  • By the absence of an opportunity to save configuration of PBX on a disk-carrier. Save a configuration on the personal computer to have an opportunity to load it in SGpbx in the case of reload of server on which it was started.

Question: How to receive demo-version of SGpbx?


  1. Download image of a disk with a demo from our site (sgpbx-demo.iso).
  2. Use any program of record CDR/RW disks giving an opportunity to write down CD from its ISO-image (for example - Nero Burning ROM or Easy CD Creator), for creation a loading disk with SGpbx Demo.
  3. Be loaded from thus received disk.

Question: I've loaded from written down CD, what further?

Answer: Use a web-browser for an input on web-interface SGpbx on the address and configure the PBX. A login and the password for an input: admin.

Question: If it is necessary to me to SGpbx had another address?

Answer: Loaded SGpbx has following network parameters:

  • Network address:
  • Network mask:
  • Default gateway:
  • DNS:

For change of adjustments of a network connect to a server on which SGpbx is started, the monitor and the keyboard, enter a login and the password (admin) and use a console command net. For viewing a current condition of adjustments of a network, and also the list of admissible parameters of a command, enter a command net without parameters.

In case of occurrence of problems with input a login/password try to load a server anew, with in advance connected keyboard.

Question: What should DNS be specified for?

Answer: After authorization on a web-interface the system will try to compare an available version of a SGpbx-demo with current for what it is required to get access to a file If it will not be possible to resolve a name, or the server with started SGpbx will not receive access to network Internet, - it will not be possible to compare versions.

Question: So, for SGpbx work constant access to network Internet is required to me?

Answer: No. If SGpbx cannot check up presence of updating, nothing terrible will happen.

Question: What do numbers in version SGpbx mean?

Answer: Number of the version contains of 3 numbers divided by points. The first number - actually the number of the version. Change of the second number means serious changes and/or corrections in SGpbx, it is urgently recommended in this case to download and to write down a new image of a loading disk. Change of the third number means entering into the interface or kernel of SGpbx little changes and/or corrections, there is no special necessity in uploading a new image.

Question: Where can I take the documentation on SGpbx?

Answer: the Documentation to SGpbx is on a loading disk. After an input on a web-interface you will see item in the menu "?", choose it for an input in section of the documentation.

Question: What are the conditions of use of demo SGpbx?

Answer: you can use the demonstration SGpbx version without any restrictions, except for imposed by developers at its creation (the limited quantity of simultaneous calls, absence of the account and so on). Any updating of image of a disk with SGpbx or contents of the carrier written down from it (except for its clearing) is inadmissible.

Question: Whom can I adres to for consultations about SGpbx and/or its demonstration version?

Answer: On any questions on products and decisions of company West Telecom corp. address to the address