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Our solution for VoIP operators, the SmartGate carrier-class softswitch, will transform your VOIP network into well adjusted machine for earning money.
















SmartGate is full-featured softswitch solution with top performance level, high stability and rich functionality. This is the key component of VOIP operator networks. SmartGate can provide reliable and safe interconnection between operators using different VOIP hardware, numbering plans or even protocols. Having web-oriented management system called V-center SmartGate can turn general VOIP network into well tuned money-making machine.

Despite of large amount of carrier-oriented features SmartGate can be used to not only build carrier-class networks but to establish communications between corporate offices or even provide office PBX solution. There are SmartGate-based solution called SGpbx which provides general PBX interface to administrator.

Key features:

  • Support of H.323 and SIP protocols
  • Interprotocol translator for H.323 and SIP calls
  • Different vendors equipment signalling negotiation
  • Smart call routing facility
  • Codec translation for G.711A, G.711u, G.729 and G.723.1
  • Ability to provide extended services such as call hold, call transfer, call consultation e.t.c.
  • Enhanced billing and authorization support with many schemes
  • High performance level
  • Audioconference support
  • WEB-oriented management interface
  • Detailed diagnostic and troubleshooting facilities
  • High stability with internal monitoring

Benefits you can get from using of our product:

  • Signifficant VOIP infrastructure management efficiency uprise
  • Total ownership cost reducing for IPT solutions
  • Higher interoperability level for networks with different equipment from different vendors
  • Ability to bring extended services to subscribers
  • Ability to implement better authorization and billing export schemes
  • Higher network security level
  • Faults and management errors frequency reducing
  • More efficient troubleshooting

To get more information about SmartGate visit official product site.