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Our solution for VoIP operators, the SmartGate carrier-class softswitch, will transform your VOIP network into well adjusted machine for earning money.
















One of main achievements of West Telecom is full-featured line of IP telephony - related products and services. Using our products, you can construct solutions of any level of complexity. All things made by West Telecom has unified design and architecture. We can offer effective solutions for wide range of IP telephony technology users.

SOHO (Small and home offices).

  • The software phone client SGphone, focused on West Telecom service. Has variants with H.323 and SIP protocols support.
  • The individual scheduler JIP that expanding opportunities of IP phones or even of usual telephone sets due to callback solutions.

Corporate clients (average and large business, enterprise level).

  • SGpbx - all-in-one solution for enterprise with remote offices. Easy way to build distributed PBX infrastructure using IP technologies. The main advantage - absence of any restrictions on physical remoteness of subscribers.
  • SmartStreamer is the auxiliary module for the implementation of music on hold / music on transfer feature.
  • BusyHunter is effective realtime media streams analyser. This tool can detect analog BUSY telephone signal. It is used to increase of reliability of VoIP gateways with FXO analog ports.

IP telephony providers and carrier-class operators.

  • SmartGate is the full-featured softswitch with support of H.323 and SIP protocols.
  • SmartIVR is the software tool used to deploy access solutions for individual subscribers.
  • V-center is network management and control tool with the web-oriented interface, allowing to carry out the centralized management of the whole SmartGate-based VOIP network.
  • BOSS is the universal billing system with support for full range of ISP provider services, including Internet telephony.
  • FaultCleaner - solution to increase billing scheme reliability. Used in SmartGate-based environment in case of unreliable transport channels.
  • PingPlotter - network quality monitoring tool. Easy to use solution for VOIP operators to detect transport-level problems.
  • SmartRinger - carrier-class VOIP traffic generator. Can be used to perform various tests on telephony operator network for stability and performance.