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Our solution for VoIP operators, the SmartGate carrier-class softswitch, will transform your VOIP network into well adjusted machine for earning money.


[2006-07-19] T.38 over SIP support
This feature brings our solutions to new level. more

[2006-05-17] Demo SGpbx
Demo SGpbx is placed in section Files.

[2006-03-01] Audioconferences
Support of audioconferences became an integral part of our solutions.

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Demo SGpbx

Access to demo SGpbx is for all comers open. Simply download an image of a disk, write down its contents on CDR/RW and be loaded from it.

Download an image of a disk (0.0 Mb) >>

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Attention! Record on CD/RW is recommended, because functionality of SGpbx is constantly supplemented with new opportunities, and the image of a loading disk of a demo will be updated on a regular basis.